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Welcome to , is owned and operated by Ayudamitra Initiatives private limited, and a company incorporated by the laws of India. is a facility enabled for monetary contributions to trusts and NGOs. And it is a platform where campaigns are conducted to support beneficiaries who seek contributions of any sort. It includes raising funds from donors to enable successful results of campaigns, promoting the running campaigns to establish full-fledged fulfillment, delivery of the budgeted requirements raised from the campaign and trusts and individuals and identifying beneficiaries who want to run campaigns for particular needs and requirements.
These are the services provided at Through browsing and accessing, you agree to all the terms and conditions, and the privacy policy on the website. The terms and conditions predict our relationship with you. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before you go ahead to proceed.You will be agreeing to the terms and conditions while using the Website and which together with our privacy policy govern Ayudamitra’s relationship with You.
· Modifications and Changes to the Terms:
We may revise, upgrade and update our terms and conditions of use from time to time with our discretion. All of these changes will be applicable immediately after we post them and access to our website thereafter. Your continued use of the website stands for you agreeing to the terms of use of our website.
· Website and Account Security:
We withhold the reserved right to withdraw the website at any services or material at our sole discretion without any notice. We are also not liable for any sorts of reasons or any part of the website that is not available at a particular period of time.
· The Prohibited Uses:
You may not use this website or the sources for any sort of unlawful activities, and your activities must abide by the terms and the conditions of the website, based on your agreement with it. These unlawful activities include any activity that violates federal, state, local, or international law. For the use of exploiting, harming, or attempting to exploit any individual in any manner. To transmit any advertisement or promotional material for personal uses. To impersonate individuals or companies of any sort.
· The module of Services: explores a new charity method for monetary contributions to build trust and transparency for donors on the platform. It was established as a platform to allow beneficiaries to share campaigns, spread awareness, and seek support for the materials they require. It facilitates a connection between donors and beneficiaries. Donors are enabled to direct their contributions to beneficiaries to provide for their requirements. The donor can make payments through the payment gateways of the website. And every donor is entitled to select or choose campaigns willing to support with their very own discretion.
· Campaigns Operative Terms:
Every beneficiary that wants to launch a campaign through is required to provide us with the right, accurate and accountable detail of the cause and requirements. will make sure to host campaigns that are only the most credible of terms. Along with that, the beneficiary is also required to provide information on the exact amount of material needed to be raised and the motive of the campaign. holds the right to cancel or delete campaigns that may seem false or fall against the terms and the conditions of the company.
The utilization of the raised material is accountable to as well as the donor. It leaves the beneficiary in place to submit or prove all the right utilization of the use of the material raised from the campaigns. holds the right to refuse to accept a certain transaction at its own discretion.
· Donor Terms:
Donors are free to select campaigns and initiatives to donate for as their own free will, in accordance with their choice. After the selection of the particular campaign or initiative. They are free to donate through any of the payment gateways provided on the website. will collect these respective funds that have been donated, and provide the requirement to the selected campaign or initiative. In unforeseen circumstances, if this fails, the funds will be remitted back to the account.
On a donor’s payment, the third-party payment services we use may capture data, which you will be agreeing to in accordance with our privacy policy. We are also not responsible for any failure or unfulfillment payment on your side of the transactions.
The raised funds will be transferred to the beneficiaries at the end of the campaign period. At times the supply to the beneficiary may be done prior to the dates that have been mentioned based on the requirements or urgent requirements of the beneficiary.
· Beneficiary Terms:
Beneficiaries are required to submit and share, as may be required by is and/or the Trusts, details and necessary documents of their trust/society/NGOs/institutions/establishments/companies/organizations concerning and the NGOs (Details), from time to time, for verification purposes or otherwise for the purpose of complying with any applicable law.
A Beneficiary shall ensure that information and campaigns do not infringe the intellectual property, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights of third parties, or the rights of third parties to advertising or privacy. Only text descriptions, graphics, and images that describe your campaign and the need and use of the funds raised may be included in campaign listings.
By using the website you abide by all of the above-mentioned terms and conditions and privacy policy policies of the company. Any queries or doubts about these terms and conditions can be dropped off or discussed with our team through all social media platforms.

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