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Privacy Policy

Privacy is a right to every individual of the country. At, it is treated as the primary priority. User information is highly kept confidential. Though we use this information for various cases and issues. It would not be without the consent and permission of the users.
Your personal information is collected to create your account, keep your recorded details or make a contribution. will not share, rent or sell any of your personal information or numbers to third parties or anyone for that case.
Your details could be collected from us through the website portal, direct or in-person meetings, multiple conferences and conference participation, forums that you fill, the promotional responses you react to, payments information that you provide, contribution related details, and more.
Greater Insights on the Type of Information that is Collected From us:
· Primary Information:
The Information that you enter on the portal gives us direct interactions. It includes name, address, contact information, information pertaining to records, date of birth, gender, and email address, social media profiles, and much more.
· Personal Information:
Based on the interaction with us, we may ask for information pertaining to your medical records, purpose objectives, and your financial information. It may also include photographs of such.
· Technical Data:
We store some kind of data each time you interact with us. It can be collected through emails, portals, phone calls, and much more. These data sets are used for internal analysis, helping us to provide higher customized services.
· Financial Information:
When you make contributions with us, to enable a personalized experience, we store the complete details. It can be the preferred payment gateways and much more.

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